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    We Buy, Sell and Manage Web-based Businesses.

A Modern Model

We’re amid a transition to something new. A more mature way to develop online businesses. At Factory, we believe in building strong teams, and more than anything a strategic marketing strategy. We’re experts in modern marketing techniques and distribution channels that are leading edge and effective.

We Identify Experts

The first step in creating brilliant online presence is finding the best people to do the job. Our core team has a expanse of internet know-how, but sometimes you need even more and we find those individuals to ensure all our endeavors are successful.

We Identify Audiences

Next, we work to find core audiences for the businesses we acquire, who are not only interested in our content but are willing to pay for the products we create.

We Deliver Content that Matters

By building content and strategies with our experts, and delivering that in a relevant way to our audience, we create value that is unmatched.

Jason Glaspey – Founder

I've made websites, I've written print books, I've produced ebooks, I've created startups, I've founded incubators, I've started conferences, I've mentored others, I've now made Factory which brings all that I've learned into a focused mission.

Kim Toomey – Digital Producer

I spend a lot of time on the internet, which led me into the world of digital marketing. Or maybe the other way around. After many years living the agency life I've jumped ship to make sure people like you know about Factory. And that you think what we are doing is as awesome as I think it is.

Katie Koteen – Designer

I used to design things to be printed on paper. Now I build websites for the information superhighway. Once in a while I get to do something that mixes the best of both worlds together, and here we are.

  • Jason Glaspey
  • Kim Toomey
  • Katie Koteen
  • Our Team

  • Scott Kveton - CEO, Urban Airship

    Jason's creative thinking around strategy is seconded only by his ability to Get Sh*t Done. Jason is truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Alexis Peterka - Entreprenuer

    I've watched Jason advise startups and been the beneficiary of his advice, and he does an amazing job of balancing wisdom, wit, and warmth. Some mentors only speak from the paradigm of their own narrow path, or mistake bluster for authority, but Jason's insight is both comprehensive and delivered with empathy.
  • Chase Reeves - Co-founder, Fizzle

    Jason is one of 5 people I trust to bounce ideas off of. His experience and insights have been insanely valuable to my projects over the years.
  • Rick Turoczy - PIE

    Jason sees opportunities to simplify, streamline, and improve practically every product or process he touches. I always rely on his insights for my own pursuits. And recommend him highly for many of the companies with whom I work.

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Sometimes we work with other entrepreneurs to establish funds to purchase larger businesses. If you're interested in being involved, or have any other questions drop us a line.

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